Colored Eggs

In all of the hub bub of PAX and trying to get all caught up with the mounds of work that seemed to have magically amassed while I was away, I realized with a start on Wednesday that Easter was just around the corner…literally! After having the “OH SNAP!” moment, I quickly regrouped and got my act together to color some eggs with Mai before she went over to her paternal side of the family for the weekend.

Growing up, my mother used to occasionally make tea eggs for us to have as a quick snack while we were on the go. I always marveled at the truly beautiful, crackled and almost jewel like qualities the eggs had after having had their steeping bath overnight in tea. They were truly a sight to behold and almost seemed a shame to eat such a beautiful piece of foodie art…almost…

I figured it might be cool to check out if this technique also works with regular food dye to give the traditional Easter egg dying a new and innovative twist. Guess what? It totally does! We may have gotten a wee bit overzealous in how much we cracked the shells of our eggs, but the results were still pretty dramatic in my opinion. The next time we make these, and yes, there is definitely going to be a next time, we’ll crack the shells a little more conservatively so that the egg whites really stand out in contrast to the colors.

Colored Eggs
Inspired by Chinese Tea Eggs


Hard boiled eggs
Assorted food colors
Cold Water
Clear glass mugs


After thoroughly cooling your eggs, gently crack the shells either by rolling them on a paper towel with some pressure or gently tapping with the back of a spoon. The more you crack them, the more color you can expect to result on the finished egg.

Meanwhile, prepare your color baths. I used clear glass cups/mugs for this…don’t use ceramic or white as the food color may stain! Prepare what colors you’d like to use and fill each cup 1/2 to 2/3 full of water. Remember to leave enough room in each cup for liquid displacement after you put the eggs in! We used red, green, orange, purple, blue, yellow, and blue/green.

Place your cracked eggs into each mug and place in refrigerator, preferably overnight. Next day, drain and pat dry your eggs. Then peel your little treasures and enjoy!

As long as you keep everything refrigerated and use just food coloring and water, the resulting eggs are safe to eat.


~ by tastydesu on April 2, 2010.

One Response to “Colored Eggs”

  1. I am going to snag this idea for my deviled eggs. Great stuff.

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