Tết 2011

I admit that this year, the Lunar New Year snuck up on me. I usually plan weeks in advance to take the days off to celebrate, head over to my mother’s house and help her prepare the food offering for our ancestors, and then spend the rest of the time relaxing with the family. Instead, I found myself startled and in a state of confusion when it was February 1st and my mother asked me what I was doing for New Year’s. Doh!

It’s true, I forgot New Year’s was coming around the corner. In my defense, I do have to say that I did actually remember a few weeks before, I made a note of it in my mind, and then pretty much forgot about it till it was 2 days away. I hope this means I can keep my asian membership card? Anyways, instead of spending this year at home with my family, cooking up all sorts of exotic dishes, I was spent the day at work…and worked late to boot! All was not lost though…being that New Year’s fell on a Thursday, most places decided to push the major festivities to the 3rd day of the year, Saturday. This proved to be perfect for both my work schedule and my forgetful self!

We headed on over to the South Jersey Vietnamese community center Saturday morning for the dragon dances and a lovely ceremony celebrating the New Year and our Vietnamese heritage. A little bit different from our traditional plans, yes, but it was an amazing and wonderful experience to be with the rest of the community before heading home to do our usual celebrations!

Of course, what New Year’s would be complete without the red envelopes? 🙂


~ by tastydesu on February 16, 2011.

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