PAX East 2011 and Boston!

After what has seemed like weeks of anticipation and waiting with baited breath, PAX East 2011 has come and gone with as much fanfare and awesomeness as I had anticipated. This year’s PAX proved to be bigger, better, and way more epic than last year’s…if that was even possible! Even though the convention itself was only 3 days, I managed to stretch out my time in Boston to a full 5 days to give myself ample time to sample all that this great city had to offer.

As expected, I couldn’t resist visiting the Japonaise Bakery again this year for more of their delectable treats (can you say azuki cream puff?) and onigiri which I have decided should be the snack food of choice for all gamers out there. As I had hoped and dreamed, Japonaise did not disappoint in any way. This year, I was able to get my hands on their truly delightful ham and egg roll…a roll that reminded me of a cross between a butter roll and a brioche filled with some of the best ham that I’ve ever had and some egg salad. It proved to be a great way to breakfast as we headed into the convention.

Next in the line up was the Japonaise ham and cheese croissant. Seriously guys, this was one of the best savory croissants I’ve EVER had, hands down. As if the to die for flakiness of any croissant isn’t already enough to send you reeling, Japonaise kicks it up a notch by making theirs with good, amazingly, decadently good Plugra butter. Then, for the killing blow, they fold this tantalizing croissant goodness around some of that dreamy ham and top with gruyere cheese. Honestly, you have no idea the amount of self restraint I displayed here to snap this picture for you without just making short work of this croissant. I really think I deserve a gold star. No really…

After Japonaise, a visit to the Friendly Toast was in order for what has been touted as some of the breakfast fare in the country. True to form, the toast at this establishment was really where it was all at. I ordered the daily scrambled egg special which included a bed of dirty rice, coconut shrimp, chorizo, and an herb sauce served alongside some of the best darn chipotle cheddar toast I’ve ever had. Honestly, in retrospect, I think you could have just given me a slab of that 1.5″ thick slab of toast and I would have been fine. Who needs eggs when you have chipotle cheddar toast? Hello???

Another dish that our table ordered is the beast of all beastly breakfast omelets that the Friendly Toast affectionately calls the Sklarmageddon. To quote, “An omelet built to kill with sausage, bacon, ham, red chili pecans, jalapeno jack and swiss cheese topped with a zesty maple sour cream” It certainly was the omelet meant to kill any dieting thoughts and any lesser arteries you may have. Alex was torn about ordering it, but our friend Amanda merely replied, “Really Alex, with that much pig in there, how can you go wrong?” And really, when faced with solid logic such as this, how could Alex say no? And with that, Sklarmageddon came and rocked the table.

I also had the pleasure of checking out the Cambridge Brewing Company for a few pints and nachos and pizza, but I, er, may have forgotten to snap any photos of those. I blame the Cambridge Red Amber which was full bodied, delicious, and senility inducing.

All in all, yet another great year of food adventuring, meeting new friends, and gaming. We came. We gamed. We conquered! PAX 2012, here we come!


~ by tastydesu on March 16, 2011.

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