About the site:

Tastydesu is a project that I began as a way to document and share my love and enthusiasm for food and cooking. Good food is well within the grasp of everyone and doesn’t require a culinary degree (Believe me, take it from someone who once almost burned the house down trying to boil a pot of water or almost singed off my eyebrows in a grill incident….true stories circa 1998!), vast and expensive ingredients, or tons of time and work. All it takes is a will and desire for great cuisine…as long as that is there, everything else will follow. Besides, nothing brings family and friends together like good food. To borrow from the movie Field of Dreams, “if you cook it…they will come…” Many of my fondest memories are around good meals or kitchen adventures with my family and friends.

TastyDesu is a relatively small kitchen based in south Jersey. Armed with a reliable Sunbeam Mixmaster (one of these days, KitchenAid, you will be mine!), an electric stove (gas stove, one of these days, you also will be mine!), an Aerogarden, 5 feet of counterspace, a stone mortar and pestle, and an eclectic food background, I’ve been able to churn out all manner of amazing, hilarious, and experimental dishes which I’m happy to share. A first generation Vietnamese kid, I’m excited to share some great dishes that my mother and father have passed down to me along with a variety of other dishes that I’ve come across in my travels and research.

Please feel free to poke about and leave comments and suggestions!

About me:

A first generation Vietnamese kid, I was born and raised here in the states, but I can wield a chopstick like any native worth their salt. I love to cook, not only as an outlet for my creative mind, but more because it brings 3 of my most favorite things together…food, friends, and family. In my professional life, I’m a 16 year veteran technology slinger for CDW with one of the quickest quote draws in the East. When I’m not peddling technology, honing recipes or creating mad experiments in the kitchen, I’m the caretaker and overseer of a crazy household consisting of a 12yr old who also serves as my sous chef and quality control tester, a 3yr old iPad wielding prodigy, and a newborn with a seemingly bottomless capacity to eat morning, noon, and night. In what spare time I have, I enjoy a bit of mountain biking, hiking, video games, sci-fi, crafting, DIY, and traveling.

All pictures and text are by TastyDesu unless otherwise noted.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi. I know Keith and Elise. I actually work with Keith who has turned me on to your blog. I am very excited to take part in your adventures in the kitchen, since we share similar passion for food. I, too, am a kid from the Pacific. I am originally from Hawaii. I am Japanese, Chinese, Hawaiian and German. My heritage allows me to enjoy some of the best cuisine these countries have to offer, yet I am always willing to try something new. My own kitchen is filled with plenty cookbooks and gadgets that would make most people’s head swim. I have been cooking, since I was about 4 yrs old. My first job was learning how to make rice. I find a lot of peace in the kitchen after working a long day at the office. I look forward to sharing some own recipes with you too.

    • Hi Malia! Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m looking forward to sharing recipes with you as well and welcome anything you’d like to share with me and my readers!

  2. Great blog Liz, some awesome recipes to try! I’m excited to go through the archives and look forward to future posts.

  3. I found the blog!! Thanks for the double chocolate chip cookies! They were delicious!! 😀

    P.S. Hope the books are safe from wet fingers 😛

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