Cake Gallery – Updated 12/16/2010

I finally took the plunge and enrolled in a cake decorating class to learn the ancient arts of icing and pastry bags. Ok, maybe it’s not so ancient, but it is definitely an art form as I’ve come to find out. I’m currently enrolled in the Wilton Method courses at the local arts and crafts store. Although I’m still in the midst of classes, I wanted to throw some pictures up of my progress so far and some of my side projects.

My first fully decorated cake using the Wilton Method. Single layer, golden yellow cake filled with strawberry preserves and iced with a vanilla buttercream. We learned how to color icing and do some basic borders/shapes, and how to transfer designs onto the cake for icing design:

My next class, we learned how to properly decorate cupcakes and create some icing flowers. These are also golden yellow cakes with vanilla buttercream. Clockwise from the top: Swirled drop flowers, the pompom (or bachelor button) flower, the shaggy mum, rosettes with a swirled drop flower in center, more swirled drop flowers, and your basic swirled icing on the center cupcake

My final cake for module 1. 3 layer devil’s food cake with a vanilla buttercream icing tinted ivory for the base. I used a bead border on the bottom and attached swirled drop flowers onto the sides with corresponding iced scrollwork and then topped with a cluster of ribbon roses. NetApp enjoyed this cake!

Fall/Autumn cake that I made for my coworker Miles’ birthday. 2 layer golden yellow cake with a fudge marble iced with vanilla buttercream tinted fall colors. I made the maple leaves using a 352 tip and a 3 tip for the stems.

My mother’s birthday cake. 2 layer chinese style sponge cake with a vanilla mousse and chopped mangoes, cantaloupe, and strawberries filling layer. Iced with a vanilla flavored whipped cream and topped with sliced strawberries and vanilla buttercream lilies. I piped a shell border using a 21 tip.

Final cake for module 2 of cake decorating class. 2 layer red velvet cake with vanilla buttercream. I used a 366 tip to make the buttercream lilies on the top, 101 and 2 tips for the apple blossom border, and a 18 tip for the basketweave.

Birthday cake for a coworker’s mother. Basic 2 layer yellow cake with vanilla buttercream. I used 104 tip to pipe wild roses in pink, 101 tips for the white apple blossoms, 352 tip for the leaves, and a 21 tip for the shell and reverse shell borders.

My first tiered cake for my tall cakes class. Bottom layer is a basic yellow, 2nd layer is a devil’s food cake covered in buttercream accented with piped buttercream scrollwork, silk ribbon and silk flowers.

Tiramisu Cake for my team’s holiday party. 2 layer sponge cake soaked in espresso and amaretto with a layer of soaked lady fingers in between all “iced” with mascarpone cheese

Another birthday cake. 2 layer devil’s food cake iced in vanilla buttercream and accented with fondant stars and letters. My first foray into fondant


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