Project: Save-the-Dates!

I knew early on that I wanted to make my own wedding stationary…partly because I loved the idea of being hands on and having yet another creative outlet, but also because I had gone through a rather overzealous “I-can-totally-scrapbook!” phase in my late 20’s and bought a crap ton of paper cutting tools, embellishments, etc. and this would be the perfect opportunity to assuage my guiltsubstantiate those purchases.

The first thing on our stationary list were the save the dates! To me, this was an important step as it gives our guests a first glimpse into what our wedding was going to be like without having the formality of the wedding invitation. I was totally excited and started doing some research for some ideas and really liked this idea from Martha Stewart:

I did some further research and found that another enterprising young lady, codename Mrs. Duckling, had also fallen in love with Martha Stewart’s idea and, to channel Emeril, kicked it up a notch to produce this truly amazing Save The Date:

I totally fell in love with this…head over heels IN LOVE! Shhhh! Don’t tell Alex! But seriously, I saw this save the date and knew that I had to do them! I followed Mrs. Duckling’s instructions almost directly to the T…I made some changes to better suit our tastes and what tools I had on hand. The unfortunate thing is I didn’t have enough foresight to take photos and document the step by step process, but Mrs. Duckling does a great job on her tutorial. Here is our finished product:

These were a bit time consuming…it took me a whole solid week of all of my after hours time (no baking, cooking OR blogging at all!) to get these done and when I factored in all of the time and materials, they came out to be about the same as the magnet save the dates Alex had originally looked at, but in the end, I felt that they were well worth it!

Save the date ribbon with mini envelope

Very very loosely adapted from Mrs. Duckling’s Save the Date ribbon

Supplies I used:
A7 PaperSource notecards in superfine soft white
A7 PaperSource envelopes in Fig
#1 PaperSource Baby envelopes in Fig
QuickKutz Numbers Die No. 48
Cuttlebug A2 embossing folder, D’vine Swirls
10mm ribbon in white
Lavendar 8.5 x 11 cardstock paper from Target
Cream 8.5 x 11 cardstock paper from Target
Mini hole punch
Adhesive tape runner (I used Tombow)
box cutter
scotch tape
Save the Date stamp (I liked the one from PaperSource just like Mrs. Duckling)
Stamping Ink

Like Mrs. Duckling, I’m not a graphic designer either so I lobbed the job of designing the save the date background to Alex. He used Photoshop and cut and cropped a picture of us and inserted it into the project. We opted to leave the corners as they were since I liked the sharper image. The font we used was Honey script and Mutlu that we downloaded from I’m not sure which photoshop brush he ended up using, but I found a plethora of free brushes to choose from at

We printed out the Save the Dates on our printer,a Canon Pixma MP520. Do print out a few test samples before you start the actual printing! We were fortunate in that we did this because we found that my printer doesn’t actually like to print true colors right from photoshop. We ended up having to save our photoshop file as a .jpg and use the included Canon utility program to print it as a photo…otherwise, the colors were off and I looked like I was sporting a really bad spray tan. Yuck!

For the number strings, I unfortunately did not have a Cricut handy, just my trustworth Cuttlebug so I used the QuickKutz Numbers die to cut out the numbers I wanted on the cardstock I picked up from Target. Once finished, I used my mini hole puncher to punch 2 holes in each number to thread the ribbon through…or so I thought. What I came to realize after I had finally cut all of the numbers that I needed for my save the date was that there just was simply not enough real estate on the “1” numeral to accommodate 2 holes to thread the ribbon through. Remember when I had mentioned that I had purchased an unseemly amount of paper cutting tools for my short lived scrapbooking phase? Flower punch tool to the rescue!!! I punched out a corresponding number of flowers from the cardstock and taped them to my “1s” and used the other color to make flower punches as spacers. Disaster averted!

From here, I prepared the baby envelopes. Using the Cuttlebug again and the A2 embosser, I embossed each flap. Once they were embossed, I then stamped each envelope with the Save the Date stamp on the side that the flap would be visible on when closed. A tip I picked up from one of the salespeople at PaperSource on stamping…use a old magazine or 2 as a stamping mat. It will provide enough cushion and give so that you can firmly press (not rock back and forth!) the stamp and get a good clean image. Set aside to let the ink dry while you prepare the ribbon.

I did a test and threaded a ribbon through and measured an additional 6″ or so to accommodate for the bow and part inside the envelope. Cut your ribbon lengths and thread them each through with your numbers and spacers and tie a nice bow at the end. Hopefully by this time your ink will have dried on the baby envelope.

Using a boxcutter, I cut a small 1/2″ slit in the back of each envelope near the upper left corner by the flap opening. I used some leftover cardboard that I cut into several pieces to the size of the baby envelope to stack and insert inside the envelope to make sure I didn’t cut through to the other side. Thread a small section of your ribbon through here and then tape to the back of the envelope using scotch tape. Fold up your threaded numbers, accordion style, and insert them into the envelope, remembering to leave the bow outside, somewhat tucked underneath the flap.

Adhere the prepared envelope to your printed save the date using your tape runner and voila! Your save the dates are complete!


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